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Kirk Arrives A Little Light On
Date: 11th February 2015

Queensland’s Katherine Kirk arrived in Brisbane at 8am Wednesday morning ready to tee it up Thursday in the RACV Ladies Masters, but unfortunately her luggage and golf clubs didn’t.

The 2009 Ladies Masters champion was playing an event in the Bahamas last week-end and flew home to play in one of her favourite events of the year.

“I landed in Brisbane at about 8 o’clock this morning and unfortunately did not get my suitcase or my golf bag so this is it for today until I go shopping.”

Kirk was going to spend the afternoon getting some clubs, clothes, golf shoes, tees and even golf balls.

“Qantas are telling me that they’ll land at about 8 o’clock in the morning and a courier will deliver them here to the resort so I can’t change obviously to my equipment when it arrives during a round so I’ll just have to I guess get refamiliar with it tomorrow afternoon and hopefully be good for Friday.”

“Lee Harrington and her husband Peter are going to try to help me out this afternoon to spec out some clubs so we’ll see.   I think my dad actually, he’s playing over at Palm Meadows right now, I think he might have similar stuff to what I use. So if worse comes to worst I might be using my old mans clubs.  When my parents were in the States for Christmas visiting as a Christmas gift, my husband and I got him a fitting and he got some new clubs, but it turns out they’re very similar to mine. So hopefully they’ll work if I can’t get something else to.”

“Clothes might be an interesting one. My mum actually I think has some of my old gear – hand me downs. So I might be re-claiming those but if not we’ll do a bit of shopping either here or over at where is it, Pac Fair. We’ll get something sorted. I’ll have to buy a pair of golf shoes and socks and I already asked Julia Boland if I could borrow tees and a hat.”

The two-time LPGA winner agreed when asked if returning and playing brings back great memories,

“Absolutely it goes back even further than that; I played junior tournaments here when I was a kid. So obviously anytime you win you’ve got great memories. I love playing here because it’s so close to home where I grew up and obviously all of the family and friends come out and we great crowds here so it’s fun.”

Expectations aren’t high for Thursday, “I don’t have any expectations as far as tomorrow goes, I hope weather cooperates and everyone has a good day.”

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