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Australia’s golf courses playing a role in our sustainable future
Date: 22nd July 2020

4th hole at Peninsula Kingswood GC

Australian golfers have always known the courses they play on offer more than just a round of golf. They know that playing the game can not only benefit the wellbeing and social connectivity of its participants, but also the significant role that Australian golf courses play in the protection of our environment.

Golf: Benefits to the Environment – a document released today by the Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC), solidifies that knowledge, highlighting the range of unique ways that Australia’s golf courses contribute to the conservation and management of our natural resources. 

AGIC chair Gavin Kirkman said the document was designed to highlight the environmental benefits of well-designed golf courses and promotes golf as a leader in sustainable sport and business. 
“Golf has a significant role to play in the important endeavour of conservation and land management, offering a range of benefits to the environment and the overall wellbeing of its participants,” he said. 

“Australian golfers and the people employed at Australia’s golf courses already know the vital role that courses play in conservation. 

“It’s now time for the rest of the community to discover the significant contribution our golf courses make in preserving open space and protecting and enhancing flora and fauna within both rural and urban environments.” 

The document outlines eight benefits – with case studies – that golf courses in Australia provide to the community, including: 
- Preserving open space and remnant vegetation in rural and urban environments
- Promoting indigenous flora and fauna and the Australian landscape experience
- Protecting and acting as wildlife sanctuaries
- Utilising, treating and enhancing water resources
- Rehabilitating degraded landscapes
- Improving air quality and moderate heat
- Protecting topsoil from degradation
- Beautifying the environment and enhancing community education

“The purpose of this document is to inform the community of the broad range of benefits that golf courses offer to land usage, environmental management, vegetation and acting as a haven for native flora and fauna,” Kirkman said. 

“We want to build community awareness around the land used by golf. Golf courses are more than just an asset for community sport and recreation; they are an integral component of effective town planning and design, offering significant environmental benefits, especially in urban areas. 

“They provide an opportunity to enrich the environment by housing a diverse and rich ecology and serve as a valuable resource for education in schools, community interest groups, and the community as a whole.” 

A copy of the document can be found at:
Golf: Benefits to the Environment, 2020, Australian Golf Industry Council 


About AGIC
The AGIC was established in 2006 as a group comprising the key bodies of the golf industry in Australia, designed to work together for the common good of the game. 
The Council is made up of representatives from Golf Australia, PGA of Australia, Australian Ladies Professional Golf, Australian Sporting Goods Association, Golf Management Australia, Australian Sports Turf Managers Association, Society of Australian Golf Course Architects and Public Golf Facilities Australia.

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