Australian Ladies Professional Golf
Date: 2nd September 2019

The first event of the 2019/20 ALPG Tour season, the 2019 Trust Golf Thailand Masters will get underway on Wednesday at the prestigious Panya Indra Golf Club just outside Bangkok.

We sat down with five of our leading ALPG players competing this week for a chat on everything from the humidity in Bangkok to their goals for the tournament this week!

Paige Stubbs

On her game - My game is feeling solid; just hoping to drop more putts. My hopes are to win and I believe I’m close; but just going to focus on the process and let the results happen.

On coming out of the Australian winter to playing in Thailand - I’ve been playing in Asia a lot the last few months so I’m used to the weather. I just limit my practice quality over quantity.vDrink lots of hydralyte!

On playing in a tri sanctioned tournament with Thai and China LPGA Tours - I am getting accustomed to playing with these Chinese and Thai girls because of CLPGA. It’s a higher quality field so makes you dig deep on every shot. Love playing internationally; gives you more life experience!

On Thailand - I love Thai food; that’s the best part.

Chizuru Ueda

On her game - I am feeling positive about my game. I did a bit of fine tuning today with my coach, Charles Kares. I want to make sure I follow through on my process on each shot and see where it leads me.

On coming out of the Australian winter to playing in Thailand -
As it’s been cold in Sydney, I will ensure I remain hydrated and eat well. Lots of water too!!

On playing in a tri sanctioned tournament with Thai and China LPGA Tours - 
It’s great playing against top players from each Tour. It will be a great challenge. The benefits are watching how other players go about their preparations and how they take on the tough Panya Indra course.

On Thailand - 
This course is tough..but I enjoy the challenge. 
I enjoy the warm weather and how well presented the course is for the tournament.
Next week I’m embarking for Japanese Tour School. This event is great for the tour and for me especially!The volunteers and the people running the event are great. I’m pleased to have this opportunity. It is also a great warm up for next week. 

Breanna Gill

On her game - I've been playing some solid tournament golf lately and I'm hoping to put myself in a position to contend come the back 9 on Friday. 

On coming out of the Australian winter to playing in Thailand -
It's definitely the biggest challenge to be faced this week, I haven't coped well the first 2 years I played the tournament so I'm making some adjustments to my preparation this year. I'm going to conserve as much energy as possible and keep practice light ahead of the first round. Ensuring you stay hydrated and calm out there in the conditions will be key. 

On playing in a tri sanctioned tournament with Thai and China LPGA Tours - It's great, if you want to win a tournament you have to beat great players, many of which are here this week from the CLPGA and Thai LPGA whom are used to these conditions. A win would secure a card on both tours and open up further playing opportunities. 

On Thailand -The often wet conditions make the course play long, you have to be a strong ball striker to play well here, especially with your mid irons. You have to be patient, create your opportunities and importantly put you ball in the right section on the green to avoid big breaking putts over tiers or the occasional double breaker.
Coming back to Thailand is always a great week, the locals are the friendliest culture I've experienced and we are always made to feel so welcome. 

Hanee Song

On her game - I had a top 3 finish in Taiwan a couple weeks ago so I feel pretty confident knowing that I can perform well in hot and humid conditions. It would be awsome to win but knowing there is so much talent in the field, I will try my best and let the results follow. I wish all the ALPG girls good luck this week.

On coming out of the New Zealand winter to playing in Thailand -
I have been playing in similar conditions for the past few tournaments on the China LPGA tour so I will keep making sure I am well hydrated and get plenty of rest during the week.

On playing in a tri sanctioned tournament with Thai and China LPGA Tours - It will be interesting to see the different types of golf games players bring to the tournament, as we all practice and play in different environments. I think it will be a good learning experience to play alongside players from other tours.

On Thailand -I love the hospitality at Panya Indra and the course is always in great condition. Food is definitely one of the things I look forward to the most when coming to Thailand. It is also a nice escape from the cold weather for those who live in Australia and New Zealand.

Georgia Clarke

On her game - My game is feeling pretty solid especially from tee to green. For this week I want to build on my confidence, playing smart and to my strengths. I play my best golf as most probably do when I’m relaxed and happy. So just really want to enjoy the experience and take it one shot at a time. 

On coming out of the Australian winter to playing in Thailand - I made a mistake at Korean q-school last week by getting heat stroke and then food poisoning and sadly had to withdraw. So this week I’m going to put my health first, walking with an umbrella, drinking lots of electrolytes and being with cautious with what I eat. Also not trying to overtrain or spend hours in the gym. 

On playing in a tri sanctioned tournament with Thai and China LPGA Tours -It’s always lovely meeting other girls from other tours, the language barrier can be a bit of a challenge though. 

On Thailand -This course is a great layout, nice wide fairways and big greens. 
I love Thailand its always such a joy coming here I think that the people are absolutely beautiful and always go above and beyond to accommodate you. 


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