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Hannah Green: Three Weeks On...
Date: 16th July 2019

Photo courtesy of LPGA

Three weeks on from a whirl wind week at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championships, Hannah Green has been taking a well deserved break at home in Perth. The 22 year old has spent a big part of her time away from the tour helping with kids clinics at her home club of Mount Lawley, showing she’s still the down to earth Aussie we know and love.

Let’s start at the beginning and your junior career at Mt Lawley. How did this club and the people there impact your career so significantly?

 I have a few members in particular that I have to thank - Sue Thomson, Shirley Renyolds and Shonna Gobby. All three ladies have been so helpful ever since I joined Mt Lawley. If I didn’t become a member there I don’t know if I would have continued to play golf.

You’ve already had such a successful career, both as an amateur and professionally (3 wins on Symetra), did you believe this victory would come so early in your career?

To be honest I didn’t think I would win this early. I always saw myself as a slow burner but obviously things have changed. I definitely think playing on the Symetra and winning 3 events helped me with my first LPGA win.

We know you like to check the scoreboards to know where you’re at, do you think knowing where you sat in the field helped you get settled, or did it add to the nerves?

It was a bit of both really. I knew I had a 4 shot lead after 7 and then only a 1 shot lead after 12. I’ve always been a leader board watcher so I didn’t want to change that because of the situation. I just needed to make sure I was worrying too much about it and for it to distract me from what I needed to do.

We all like to believe you have nerves of steel, but talk us through how you were feeling and you thoughts over the last few holes, especially the 18th

I started to get nervous the last 4-5 holes. After seeing my lead get to 1 I knew I needed to grind it out. I was most nervous with the second shot into 18 and the putt to win. I didn’t really think anything of the bunker shot I knew I needed to make up and down to win so I was just so focused on getting it as close as possible (even in).

How special was it to have Karrie and the rest of the Aussie squad experiencing this with you?

So special. I mean even staying with Karrie or playing a practice round with her is awesome but for her to be out there in the crowd watching my round and for me to get the job done is just so cool!

In particular, what did it mean to have Jarryd (Felton – boyfriend) there to share in your success?

I think I am so lucky to have won when I did. To have Jarryd there with me every step of the way is just so great for us both. I couldn’t have my parents there so to have someone who is so special to me there to be able to celebrate was amazing.

How did it feel being a part of such a significant day in Australian women’s sport with not only your own success, but the success of Ash Barty and Sally Fitzgibbons?

It is so cool! It’s great that female athletes are getting the attention that we deserve. Even though we don’t play the same sport it will definitely push us to have even more success!

How much has this changed your life? Or has the reality not quite sunk in?

My social media has blown up as well as the messages I have received. My phone has been going crazy and I had quite a few media obligations. But I think the more media things I have done the more it’s starting to sink in. I have a few weeks at home to just relax now so I’m just going to make sure I keep working hard for the second half of the year.

You already give back so much to junior golf in Perth, are there any plans to establish a foundation or junior scholarships in the future?

I would love to. Once I become financially stable I would certainly love to give back. Whether that is a scholarship like Webby does or something different, but it is definitely something I have thought about.

If you could say one thing to girls who have a dream like yours, what would it be?

Make sure to work hard but also stop and enjoy the journey. Whether you play golf to be active, a good amateur player or even a professional you need to make sure you have fun. It will be more rewarding no matter what level.

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