Australian Ladies Professional Golf
CLPGA Players Excited to be in Sydney
Date: 15th April 2015

The CLPGA players have arrived and are ready to tee it up for the first time in Sydney in the inaugural Australia Classic at Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club.

25 players CLPGA and 25 ALPG members and four sponsor invites will be vying for the title and their share of the $150,000 on offer in this historic event. The tournament is being played from the 17 to 19 April.

Zhang (Jenny) Yuyang, Pan Yan Hong and Ajira Nularanksa are three of the CLPGA players teeing it up.

Yuyang, will be one of the favourites this week, is excited that her home tour is expanding and playing in another country,

“It’s great to have the opportunity to play the home tour tournament overseas. It’s kind of milestone for China LPGA Tour. I’m glad to be part of the history and get involved.” 

“I used to visit Australia serval times before, but it’s my first time to play in Sydney. I hope to make friends with the ALPG players and Australian golf fans. I will give my best at the tournament and enjoy my stay at Sydney.”

Another player to watch will be Yan Hong, having won four CLPGA titles already,

“I’m so excited about my first show at Australia. This tournament without cutline will make the players chasing the best result under no pressure. Beside the tournament, I hope we can enjoy the sunshine and the food at Australia.“

Yan Hong got to see the Opera House yesterday when she along with Yuyang and were three CLPGA players that got to see some of the sights of Sydney yesterday, when ALPG players Stacey Keating, Rebecca Artis and Nikki Garrett took them Kirribilli (photo).

It is will be a special week-end for Ajira Nularaksa, not only is she excited about visiting Australia for the first time, she will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday,

 “It’s my first time to play at Australia. I’m so excited to play the tournament co-sanctioned by China LPGA Tour and the ALPG, which give our opportunity to know more about Australia culture, golf and people there. And the day of final round would be my birthday. I do hope hold the trophy to give myself best birthday gift. Hope we good luck and have more exciting thing happened there.“

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