Volunteer Information

The 2018 ActewAGL Canberra Classic would not be possible without the tireless efforts, passion and commitment from a large team of dedicated volunteers. The ALPG and Royal Canberra Golf Club thank you for supporting the upcoming 2018 ActewAGL Canberra Classic.



Please note the following:

  • It is preferable that volunteers are available for two or more days of the event, and preference will be given to personnel who are available for at least two days.
  • Some roles require volunteers for the lead up days to the event on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • No travel or accommodation expenses will be covered for volunteers however lunch will be made available to volunteers on their respective working days.
  • In addition, all volunteers will be provided with a complimentary entry on all tournament days, and a Cutter & Buck polo and cap.
  • Some roles require strength, early starts and/or late finishes. We advise personnel to refer to volunteer position descriptions before nominating for roles.
  • Every effort will be made to allocate personnel to preferred roles and pre-tournament training will be provided in all instances.
  • Please email Tournament Director Lee Harrington on leeh@alpg.com.au should you need to change or withdraw your registration.

There are a range of opportunities for volunteers at the 2018 ActewAGL Canberra Classic.

Please find below a position description for each role:

  • Carry board holder: Carry mobile score boards for leading player groups, ensuring good visibility for spectators and players. ie walk along fairway with scores facing spectators. Liaise with the Hole Scorer to update scoreboard after each hole is completed.
  • Distributing drinks: On-course drinks (bottled water and sports drinks) are made available to all players and caddies via iced drink bins that are placed on six separate teeing grounds (eg: every 3 holes). Place drink bins on the designated tees and stock with ice and drinks for players and caddies from the start of play until the conclusion of play. Monitor drink bins during the day, replenishing with ice and drinks as required. Collect drinks bins at the conclusion of each day’s play. Provide volunteer course marshals with drinks as required.
  • Walking Marshall: Marshalls are predominantly responsible for managing spectator movement and noise control with high profile groups. Marshalls are supplied ‘quiet’ batons to assist them with crowd noise control. Some Marshall’s may be assigned to high traffic areas to assist players moving from Green to Tee.
  • Driving Range Attendant – Require Volunteers from Monday 5th: Fill Range baskets with clean range balls and allocate baskets to players or their caddies as required. Ensure sufficient quantities of clean range balls are available at all times Collect range balls using the ball collection machine and hand held units. Sort and clean balls using the ball washer at the end of the day. Maintain cleanliness and safety aspects of the practice areas at all times. Ensure club cleaning water buckets are filled with clean water at all times.
  • Hole Scorer: One scorer is allocated to each hole. Scorers keep the score of the players in their designated group. Upon reporting for duty, each walking scorer is allocated a two-way radio and a hand held device. An education session will be held on the Tuesday 6th Feb. with our scorer to educate on the use of the hand-held device. (Note: It is Very simple to use)
  • Clubhouse Attendant: Responsible for checking accreditation to enter areas of the clubhouse – corporate tickets, Royal Canberra members, Sponsors and players.
  • Carpark Attendant: Responsible for the flow of cars and traffic in the designated car park areas.
  • Ticketing Attendant: Responsible for scanning and selling of tickets (use of an ipad) at the entrance areas to the tournament.
  • Pro-Am Registration: Assist with registration of Pro-Am amateurs on the Thursday morning. Two shot-Gun starts – am and pm registrations will be required
  • Volunteer Headquarters: Assistance with the co-ordination of all volunteers and act as fill on for breaks in volunteers roles if required.
  • Pre-Tournament Set Up / Post Tournament pack down: Assist with set up of signage and roping on course – prior to and post tournament

    We will be holding a volunteer induction meeting towards the end of January that we will require all local volunteers to attend. More information will be sent in early January. If you cannot make thi smeeting 


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